National Krugga Township Only Tour Hosted by Dbnzd


This is a musical campaign, designed and promoted by Invest In Dreams. The aim of this show is solely to create a plartform for upcoming artists, in different sectors, whether its music, fashion or film etc. This is presented in a form of a “township tour”, this way, it’ll reach more disadvantaged communities and promote education and activism amongst youth of such backgrounds.

This tour kicks off on the 2nd of December, first stop being Marianhill, a community filled with drugs and crime. The tour will also tackle such issues, where they will engage with the youth on how they feel and how they can create means to stop such in township areas.

Community leaders have been invited, to see and hear the needs of the youth they represent, including local clinics to discuss health issues, such as AIDS, TB, cancer and diabetes.

The long term plan for this event, is to create a permanent plartform for artists, to help them showcase and advertise their brands freely. A home for artists to perform and inspire, an environment where artists can easily network and communicate, or in simple terms, a meeting point for all creatives.

This tour will not only be about music, it will also concentrate on mediums which are often forgotten or looked over in black communities, for instance – film, fine and visual art, speech and writing practice (poetry), fashion and dance. These are just some of the activities this tour will bring on board-with throughout the duration of the tour.

It aims to also dive-deeper into social issues, matters that youth face on a daily basis, whether its – teenage pregnancy, unemployment or substance abuse. These will be discussed on four leves :

  1. a casual discussion amongst the youth on how they feel about these issues and their solutions.
  2. a proffesional discussion, where social working personells will share their thoughts and educate the youth about their involvement in finding solutions.
  3. a political level, this is where community leaders will brief the youth about actions in place to eliminate such issues and have back-to-back conversations to further engage in making black neighborhoods a better place.
  4. business discussion, this is where we’ve invited local stakeholders and businessmen, people who are permanent members of these communities. They’ll speak directly with the youth, advice to those who want to start businesses and how to sustain them in their own communities.

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