“INDABiDAAR: A major creative investigation on Hip Hop recognition in its rightful order. But do we stand to say that the real annals of Hip Hop are dead?”

Hard to say really, the importance of creativity in a form of rap, does not imply that it has demised, but more as an important human journey, as iNDABiDAAR, we went into the scenes of; Uncle Toms Hall, in Soweto for an entertaining Hip Hop session, hosted by none other than Mr Msizi Mavundla, born in a small town of Pinetown in Clermont and made music in the 90’s till later he moved along a to settle in Emndeni, Soweto. Where he pursued as a family man with four kids, none other than rap music, he started rapping till continuation from a tender age and began writing his own music and recording some of his songs on cassettes, and sending them to his cousins and friends through word of mouth which he made an impact to all youth and created a rap platform and opened his own recording company and began Rappers Without Borders in 2014.  In the horrific crisis times, where there was a formation of crack, mandrax and lately nyaope, nothing at all has come to define an entire era in many ways, be it our attitude, language, style, art, music, it has been the way to create this 4th Annual Golden Mic Sessions event that has spread across in its existence through producing and creating, to nurturing artists. In which, Msizi has done a great work ethic and some projects waiting to be heard. As Indabidaar, we have covered a feature with the group of artists by interviewing and profiling their main creative influence and passion. As this was a way of making music and the way to communicate to masses all over, Reality that it is.

Team Unreal Golden Mic Sessions

As far as Mzansi’s Hip Hop goes, that was passed down with a long lasting graff interesting passion and style that these cats have came up with; it is something that they do, and what they truly enjoy and somehow we are all happy for them to see where it can take them, either mainstream or institutional recognition. So this was a spitting dream that has started 4-years ago for Msizi with his collection and connection of true loving Hip Hop young nation. So it was his better understanding to have been part of this event where a lot of talent were present,there was a greater talent from upcoming artists,  Pathlyfstyle, Shaman Moesik, Mc Mk, Hlalisi Kasi Rap God to Thato the lady Mc and a wholesome bunch of crews from MXO to Abafana ft AsiyaKing n Mthenyoka with their song Baphela Abantu, which is a traditional group who make music that they like and listen into something today fused with Hip Hop, it all goes back to the great beat selections from Sbonza Man, that was keeping the almost packed crowds at the gathering as important youth culture from the boombap sounds of true Hip Hop that blared up the scenes to promote the version of reality, bar none. As we interviewed one talented brother, Hlalis Kasi Rap God, with his style of genre as he said“…I’m, just trying to make music that I Iike…The same goes for beat selection viewed in the black context it comes with the environment and background to upbringing into creating such hungered desired passion to true spit of word either”, As Indabidaar, we have experienced and related.

I suppose it was all over the place, one moment there is serious issue revolving about the type of Hip Hop today between trap and rap. That has both stated between translating music as the changing inevitability show through what they have put out for the show. Personally we thought that it’s a good thing, but with a slight guilt as the next and of wanting more of the same from an artist we into- but really it was not about that in our eyes; it was something that you can discuss but cant talk about as music, that’s talking about black people and black musical forms. So one cannot discuss black music without taking it to account of edginess, rebelliousness and the suffering slumps from time to time as much as it does to black young people that are inevitable. Not really.

Psycho & Nash Golden Mic Sessions

I suppose of all time its gotta be, Rappers Without Borders, using their own accents. In terms of influence on people close to the love of Hip Hop and the beats collaboration to the awareness of where true Hip Hop is, where this project is created from scratch and finished at the moment. Long term in wanting to put out an album and collaboration for artists where the subject changed, that there would be a few more mid sized outing and performances before that, then just through Rappers Without borders concept, Indabidaar has met a bunch of talented upcoming artists that are up for collabs, and that as they were doing good stuff with Rappers Without Borders in securing a greater near future. Hopefully the right person who has taken the game to the next level is Msizi Mavundla. Same as we black folks have done creatively, so hence white folk owns and controls as we remain being slaved with our own creativity, with the young minds question of not why don’t we do our own to own, it has all been seen within the industry circles all over the showbiz of life. So we believe nothing stays the same. Hip Hop was born in the black society, gangsters, urban activity and hype. Hip Hop has all documented this as an existence to tell that story that this is more than a paycheck from poverty but means of word.

Yeah, and obviously big-ups to the creative Hip Hop minds and the beat makers which make ill beats in showcasing their true talent at this exhibition, which there was no thing as positive rap or negate rap “Rap is rap”, Poetry is storytelling which has built up the history of Hip Hop.. The most distinctive thing about Rappers Without Borders style is the genuity that cares about knowing the details and stories from the lives of the rappers interviewed, rather than just knowing about their recent media presence and role in pop culture, the roles and trivia’s that are mostly relevant to the rappers that we have interviewed, as soon as they heard Indabidaar  was there, they light up and they get cheeky grins on their faces,  a lot of the time, their minds were blown that we knew about them.  Looking on the music and style, I would say their style was on a completely on the different level.  As an artist myself I could not help but admire their talent. Except for the underground stuff and the rare artist is allowed to grow and shine rather than being forced to follow a formula.

From a clothing line, and record label and founder of Rappers Without Borders, how could he not be an influence in the eyes to any Hip Hop artist? Cause these are real life situations that most have been through and create the majority of spreading word of rap. Anybody can talk of making money, throwing ones in the strip clubs, but how many people are actually doing this. If I talk about struggling to pay bills, relationships, and actual events of life that people go through then people can relate to all songs. Hopefully they will think about the beat later and the lyrics first and pursue as smart business solution.

This initial aim is to take the Hip Hop level to the communities and the talent to be put together like a Masterpiece. The true only one originality Rappers Without Borders posses.

IMG_7659Indabidaar has to say that, music expresses their life, althought there have been good times than bad times, when people listen to Hip Hop, and they can feel the emotion behind which it is all exciting, “Millions of rappers with limited and beneficial outlets.”

It is an achievement that no one ever forgets about in the music industry to create opportunities with word. Budgetting for promotion and marketing has been a challenge, because after looking at the promotional packages and marketing strategies, it gets expensive to keep your exposure trending. Everybody wants to get paid, which we totally understand, it’s just that sometimes the money isnt there, but the true love of creativity is, and there at this platform created by Rappers Without Borders it’s the bearing witness of passion. Alot of their project are based on the experiences had in life, mixing a bit of old school and new shool together at this project. I must say the best project put out there is promoting that consciousness movement. Something put out there is to promote a different perspective in absorbing the world.

“Positive stuff” and that is the name of Hip Hop, The golden era of Hip Hop is once saved within the Soweto area once more, as the true lyrical content of a place, from block parties, to street bashes to emaTarven, the point of this exhibition is to give audiences and readers an open overview about the culture and the creative encouraging people do in their homework and space. This has been Indabiddar diaogue that aims to please not everyone, but the beauty within word. No matter how enslaved an artist is, we will always have modes of speech, dance perfomances, and the attitude that is far most cool. We belive that this is the foundation within the emergence of any lova lapho ekhoneni to ema two shop. I qala Daar… Hence; indabidaar izoku beka daar.

Indabidaar…..Soweto….Signing Out!

Press release: By Sonke Nvubu (INDABiDAAR Media)

Pic By: I & Eye Photography

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