Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy is project started by Rappers Without Borders to raise funds and donations for charitable purposes and benefit causes. The programme targets celebrities, philanthropists, business leaders, members of the public, the government, NGO’s and corporate companies in request for donations in the form of services, clothing, food, toys and other goods that are crucial in the early development of a child. Caring for the South Africa’s most vulnerable children, Bundle of joy was created to provide the prevention or relief of poverty, the advancement of health, save and nurturing of life.

Bundle of Joy is aimed to help and benefit vulnerable children of single parents, poor families and communities, child headed families, orphans, children with disabilities, abandoned children, and children born and raised in prisons. Through the bundle of joy programmes we will provide support and assistance to the public, primary schools, crèches, local clinics and hospitals where we help with rolling out of nutritional, health and immunization programmes, clothing and food distribution, educational and early childhood development in order to improve the lives of our children.

Bundle of Joy focuses on supporting vulnerable children and enabling our communities to improve health, care, safety and education of our children with a main focus in childhood development stages from Infancy & Toddlerhood and Early Childhood & Middle Childhood.