Our Projects


Rappers Without Borders will perform its mission through strategic alliances, networking, mentoring, promoting, developing and recognizing excellence in youth, Provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and experience among the youth; Provide information on topical issues and moral support for the youth; Organize youth camps and seminars on life skills and career guidance; Host and organize sports, arts, culture and music events; Organize mentorship program’s for the youth in sports, media and creative industries; Develop additional programs towards achieving our vision and mission as and when they are required and also pay particular attention to youth entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Our vision for social cohesion and preserving of our culture, lifestyle and heritage and the development of South Africa’s youth, will be achieved through the following events which are aimed at empowering the youth and enable them to understand and accept themselves as unique and worthwhile human beings. Demonstrate value and respect for human rights as reflected in Ubuntu and other similar philosophies, Practice acquired life and decision-making skills, Assess career and other opportunities and set goals that will enable them to make the best use of their potential and talents, and also demonstrate the values and attitudes necessary for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  1. Rappers Without Borders Festival
  2. Four Elements of Life & Hip Hop
  3. Golden Mic Sessions
  4. Bundle of Joy Picnics
  5. Free Your Mind Seminars