RWB Festival


RWB Festival is an annual event or programme that is held on the 1st week of December about offering opportunities for equipping the youth in South Africa with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to face the challenges they encounter as informed, confident and responsible young people. The aim is to address the challenges that the youth are facing, offer solutions and alternatives in other for our young people to be given skills and values to support non-violent resolution of the conflicts that confront them at personal or societal level, linked to respect for human rights, commitment to civic participation and a responsible attitude towards not only their own health but also that of others. It is about assisting in building skills and values and thereby contributes to a more peaceful world, help young people to respect their bodies and each other, and avoid sexually transmitted diseases and substance abuse.

Through the RWB Festival we mobilize the youth to take a stand as well as create a platform for them to voice or utilize their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression in tackling the issues of Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug abuse, Suicide, Rape, Teenage Pregnancy & safe sex, Illiteracy & quality education, HIV/Aids & STI’s, Bullying, Domestic Violence, and religion. RWB Festival is about career guidance and opportunities, positive living, encouraging and humanizing the youth about UBUNTU and selflessness and their social responsibility of giving back and helping the less fortunate.

To better achieve the goals and objectives of Rappers Without Borders we have divided the festival into three programmes that runs for seven days:


I Got The Vocab is aimed at mobilizing the youth of South Africa especially school learners in a fight against Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug abuse, Suicide, Rape, Peer Pressure and Bullying it also about creating awareness on Domestic Violence, Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Evil Religions. The youth use poetry and rap to come together in one voice to say STOP to all the perpetrators and wrong doers that are devastating our communities and schools with evil and negativity.

I Got The Vocab is major component of Rappers Without Borders Festival that is aimed to guide and prepare the youth of South Africa for life and its possibilities, equip them for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society. The focus of our campaign is the development of self-in-society, the vision of individual growth as part of an effort to create a democratic society, a productive economy and an improved quality of life. I Got The Vocab is about restoring a culture reading and learning so that the youth and learners develop skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that will empower them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions regarding: Health Promotion, Social Development, Personal Development, Physical Development, Orientation to world of work.


RWB Youth Camps focuses on guidance and counselling which deals with the world of work and careers to ensure future economic viability, life skills development where we promote psychological competence and assist the youth to deal effectively with demands and challenges and to respond to the difficulties encountered in everyday life. In our youth camp a more emphasis is paid on healthy lifestyle development, health prevention and promotion where we enable the youth to make healthy choices and lifelong healthy behaviors.

With the RWB Youth Camp the aim is empowering the youth and enable them to: Understand and accept themselves as unique and worthwhile human beings, Use skills and display attitudes and values that improve relationships in family, group and community, Respect the rights of people to hold personal beliefs and values, Demonstrate value and respect for human rights as reflected in Ubuntu and other similar philosophies, Practice acquired life and decision-making skills, Access career and other opportunities and set goals that will enable them to make the best use of their potential and talents, Demonstrate the values and attitudes necessary for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Rappers Without Borders Role Model Youth Awards are about educating the youth to value themselves and their full potentials and the positive contributions they can make in their communities to change people’s lives and that of their peers. The aim of the awards is to gather and give accolades to the finest multicultural youth role models and future leaders of South Africa. The mission of the RWB Role Model Youth Awards is to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments and contributions of our youth in sports, media and creative industries and furthermore provide a forum for young entrepreneurs, role models and future leaders recognizing them for their efforts and achievements. The impetus behind the awards is a commitment to promote greater participation and acceptance of our youth in sports, media and the creative industry.