Sons of Hip Hop Live @GoldenMicSessions17

Sons of Hip Hop Live on Stage(Click Picture To Watch Performance)

Sons of Hip Hop featuring Skomplazi Cartel ripping it live at the 4th Annual Golden Mic Sessions presented by Rappers Without Borders & Funkytigers Live in partnership with More Dope Productions and sponsored by Urban Sounds Magazine & Indabidaar Media.

50 Artists live at the 4th Annual Golden Mic Sessions



50 Underground MC’s will be ripping it up @ the 4th Annual GOLDEN MIC SESSIONS Brought to you by the Legends of the Golden Mic Rappers Without Borders | More Dope Productions | Urban Sounds Magazine | Funkytigers Live

Date: 20 August 2017

Venue: Uncle Toms Hall Soweto – Hector Pieterson Museum

Time: 12h00 – 19h00

Tickets: R30 at the Door

On the Decks: DJ Flying Fingers | DJ Terror | DJ Cuba

Live on Stage:

1. Chevie, 2. $-Tazy Kingz, 3. Focus Emcee, 4. Slam Jay, 5. K4, 6. Credible Chippa, 7. Mathenyoka, 8. Skinny P Monate, 9. Smangresh, 10. Kilogram, 11. Trauma, 12. Kat Scavenger, 13. Tee.uu, 14. Motif SA, & The Loaded Movement, 15. Khekhe Lamandiya, 16. Vara Vara, 17. Slash T, 18. Fusion, 19. Flame, 20. Twitch, 21. Junior Jay, 22. Vic Q Findctive, 23. Sons of Hip Hop, 24. FaniVirus, 25. Kombats, 26. Wolf Pack Clan, 27. Aggressive Informative, 28. Don Dada, 29. Simphiwe Innocent Nkabinde, 30. T.Names, 31. Lordking@poeticarts, 32. Sam Kam, 33. Kay Taylor, 34. Shaman Music, 35. Sbonzaman, 36. Natural MC, 37. Psychor99c, 38. Simple T, 39. Hlalis KasiRapGod, 40. Khandras, 41. Diego Salvertorez, 42. Leo_Hang, 43. Triple P & Cosmo Hip Hop 44. Guffy, 45. SK, 46. Negatives, 47. Aimo6, 48. MshiniSAHipHop, 49. Nate Magic, 50. Skomplazi Cartel

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Golden Mic Sessions is an annual music and arts event presented by Rappers Without Borders in partnership with Urban Sounds Magazine. It is a platform for upcoming artists where they can showcase their talents while being empowered through motivation and development, the event equips artists with skills and knowledge on how to live positively and using creativity to capture their dreams and seize opportunities that surround them.